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Go Long America

by Bob Rice

Go Long America

The hysteria is wildly overdone. We do not face the imminent demise of the United States economy or political system. Instead, there are many profound reasons to be wildly optimistic about our future. Here are ten.

  1. We are the biggest and most productive economy in the world, equal to Japan, Germany and China together. We are the top exporter in the world (combined goods and services).
  2. We have, by a mile, the best universities in the world, which remain the dream destination for all the top students on the surface of the earth.
  3. Manufacturing remains a strength. We produce about the same percentage of the world's manufactured goods as we did in 1980. China has now passed us, but we're still outputting more that Germany and Japan combined. “Smart” manufacturing, which doesn’t depend purely on cheap labor, gives us a chance to retake the lead.
  4. We have a supremely flexible, entrepreneurial workforce and lead the world in technology development. This type of character, and focus of expertise, will allow us to remain a dominant economic force over the next decades even as the number of traditional 40-hour/week “jobs” declines.
  5. Despite all the whining about the dollar, there is no credible choice as the world's reserve currency... see the next two points.
  6. We're not autocratic or communist. China still puts artists in jail for works that remember schoolchildren killed in an earthquake, because that implies criticism of the government's planning and building.
  7. We're united. The so-called European Union is developing huge fissures because its efforts to imitate our union are financially and culturally artificial. German taxpayers will only subsidize the rest of the EU for so long.
  8. We're the only military superpower and will remain so.
  9. We will remain the destination of choice for foreign investors and companies because of our fabulous judicial system; open and honest government; and strict adherence to the rule of law.
  10. The combination of these strengths and our open culture allows us to attract, absorb, and leverage the energy and intelligence of the world’s best, brightest, and hardest working. This makes us the most flexible and adaptable country in the world, and so the best suited to deal with times of rapid change.

There you go. Others may say “so long, America.” I say: “go long America”.